Recent Presentations (selected)

  • “Scientific Work with Communities”: online workshop on “Public Engagement with Science,” Center for Public Engagement with Science, University of Cincinnati (April-May 2021)
         PEWS Program
  • “Collaborative Practice as Witnessing”: 2020 George Sarton Memorial Lecture in the History and Philosophy of Science: American Association for the Advancement of Science: (Seattle, February 2020).
         Audio and Powerpoint Slides
  • “Bearing Witness – Decolonization”: presentation in an online seminar series, What Is Epistemic Decolonization?, hosted by the London School of Economics (February 2021).
        Epistemic Decolonization podcast
  • “Witnessing and Translating: The Indigenous/Science Project”: Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison (April 23, 2021); UCLA Costen Institute of Archaeology (December 2019); 2019 Saunders Lecture (Australasian Association of Philosophy, July 2019), Konstanz Workshop on Archaeology and Community Values keynote (October 2018), Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice plenary (June 2018), VMTS Keynote (May 2018). Saunders Lecture radio podcast
         ABC radio broadcast: 2019 Saunders Lecture
  • “Radiocarbon Dating and Robustness Reasoning in Archaeology”: Australasian Association of Philosophy keynote (July 2019); also presented as the Annual UO Philosophy of Science Lecture (University of Ohio, February 2019), “Varieties of Data Journeys” (Exeter, November 2017), and “Data in Time,” Philosophy of Science Association biennial meeting (Atlanta, November 2016).
  • “The Philosophy Exception: The Costs of Exclusion / An (Im)perfect Storm”: conference keynote address, Excellence and Gender Equality: Critical Perspectives on Gender and Knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Australian National University, June 2019).
  • “Bruce Ferguson and Indigenous Philosophy”: Canadian Philosophy Association, Congress (May 2019).
  • “Histories of Science in and for Practice: Turning Points in Archaeology”: Forum for History of the Human Sciences Distinguished Lecture, History of Science Society (November 2018).
  • “From the Ground Up: Philosophy and Archaeology”: 2017 Dewey Lecture, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division annual meeting (April 2017); 2017 Yeager Lecture (Archaeology, University of Washington, May 2017).
         Dewey Lecture: audio and powerpoint slides
  • “What Knowers Know Well: Why Feminism Matters to Archaeology and Philosophy,” Katz Distinguished Lecture, University of Washington (May 2016); also presented as a Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture, University of Nottingham (October 2017), and the 2015 New Enlightenment Lecture, University of Edinburgh (December 2015).
           Katz Lecture video:
  • “How Archaeological Evidence Bites Back: Putting Old Data to Work in New Ways”: Philosophy, UC-Davis (April 2016); Philosophy, University of Calgary (March 2016); History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University (October 2015); originally developed for a conference on Dark Data (Exeter, December 2014).
  • “Scaffolding and Bootstrapping in Archaeology”: CLMPS 2015 Invited Speaker (Helsinki, August 2015); 2015 Res Philosophica Lecture (St. Louis University, March 2015); Rock, Bone and Ruin, conference keynote address (Sydney University, May 2014).
  • “Epistemic Diversity: The Advantages of Collaborative Practice”: 2013 Springer Lecture, European Philosophy of Science Association (Helsinki, August 2013). 
  • “Collateral Evidence: Ethnographic Analogy Revisited”: 2013 Mulvaney Lecture (Australian National University, March 2013); 2013 British Society for the Philosophy of Science, plenary lecture (University of Exeter, July 2013); Department of Anthropology, University of Queensland (May 2014).
  • “Feminist Philosophy of Science: Standpoint Matters”: 2012 Presidential Address, Pacific Division APA (Seattle, April 2012).