Alison Wylie


Canada Research Chair (Tier I)

Philosophy of the Social and Historical Sciences


Department of Philosophy

University of British Columbia

Buch E370 – 1866 Main Mall

Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1 Canada



I’m a philosopher of the social and historical sciences whose primary interests are to understand how we know what (we think) we know under non-ideal circumstances, and address issues of accountability that arise in research practice. I work on such questions as: What counts as evidence? Are ideals of objectivity viable given the central role that contextual values play in all aspects of inquiry? How do we make research accountable – in its aims and its practice – to the diverse communities it affects? In addition to characterizing strategies of practical evidential reasoning, I publish on feminist standpoint theory and on normative issues raised by an ethic of stewardship and collaborative practice in archaeology. For details, click here

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News and Current Projects

Community-Based Collaborative Research

Co-PI and coordinator of the Reflections Group. UBC Research Cluster

Lectures and essays on community-based collaborative research:

  • “Witnessing and Translating,” Keynote Address, Values in Medicine, Science and Technology (May 2018, UT-Dallas)
  • Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice 2018 SPSP (June 2018, Ghent)
  • Workshop on Archaeology and Community Values (October 2018, Konstanz)
  • A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology” in Objectivity in Science, Padovani, Richardson and Tsou (eds.), Springer (2015). Preprint

Material Evidence: Learning From Archaeological Practice

Chapman and Wylie (Routledge 2015)

For details, click here

Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology

Chapman and Wylie (Bloomsbury 2016)

For details, click here

2017 Dewey Lecture

Pacific Division APA

2016 Katz Distinguished Lecture

Simpson Center, University of Washington 

Professional News

Extinct! Blog: “Glastonbury: Today, Tomorrow, 2,250 Years Ago”

Sci Phi Podcast: Interview (Episode 38, April 2018)

Philosophy of Science Association: President-elect – 2016 Election

2016 EPSA Interview on “Women In Science” with Michela Massima

2013 SWIP Woman Philosopher of the Year