Alison Wylie


Canada Research Chair (Tier I)

Philosophy of the Social and Historical Sciences


Department of Philosophy

University of British Columbia

Buch E370 – 1866 Main Mall

Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1 Canada


I’m a philosopher of the social and historical sciences whose primary interests are to understand how we know what (we think) we know under non-ideal circumstances, and address issues of accountability that arise in research practice. I work on such questions as: What counts as evidence? Are ideals of objectivity viable given the central role that contextual values play in all aspects of inquiry? How do we make research accountable – in its aims and its practice – to the diverse communities it affects? In addition to characterizing strategies of practical evidential reasoning, I publish on feminist standpoint theory and on normative issues raised by an ethic of stewardship and collaborative practice in archaeology. For details, click here

I am honored to have joined the Philosophy Department at UBC in July 2017. Please note my new contact information above. 

Publication list (PDF) | Preprints via Dropbox | Short-form CV (PDF)

News and Current Projects

Material Evidence: Learning From Archaeological Practice

Chapman and Wylie (Routledge 2015)

For details, click here

Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology

Chapman and Wylie (Bloomsbury 2016)

For details, click here

Extinct! Blog: “Glastonbury: Today, Tomorrow, 2,250 Years Ago”

2017 Dewey Lecture

Pacific Division APA

2016 Katz Distinguished Lecture

Simpson Center, University of Washington 

Community-Based Collaborative Research

Indigenous/Science: Partnerships in the Exploration of History & Environments 

Related lectures and essays on archaeological collaboration with indigenous communities:

  • “Witnessing and Translating,” Keynote Address, Values in Medicine, Science and Technology (19 May 2018, UT-Dallas)
  • A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology” in Objectivity in Science, Padovani, Richardson and Tsou (eds.), Springer (2015). Preprint
  • “Community-Based Collaborative Archaeology” in Philosophy of Social Science, Cartwright and Montuschi (eds.), Oxford (2014). Preprint

Professional News

Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice: July 2018 SPSP Keynote speaker

Sci Phi Podcast: Interview (Episode 38, April 2018)

Philosophy of Science Association: President-elect – 2016 Election

2016 EPSA Interview on “Women In Science” with Michela Massima

2013 SWIP Woman Philosopher of the Year